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At Miss Mona’s we believe….

That every child deserves the chance to dance. Limitations and differences disappear on the dance floor, 

where children can set individual goals and work to achieve them; where they can be their best selves, 

and leave their troubles behind; where lifelong friendships are made, and leaders are born. At Miss 

Mona’s, we want to see every child reach their potential. Not just on stage, but in life.


Miss Mona's is a family-owned studio that is preparing for its 60th year serving young performers of Roanoke, Salem, and the surrounding areas. Our founder, Miss Mona Gevrekian, was a New York trained dancer and singer, with family roots on the Vaudeville stage. Upon moving to Virginia, she began her studio, training students to excel in their passion. Her daughters, Ginger and Judy, carry on her tradition today, with the assistance of a team of dedicated staff and instructors. Each of Miss Mona's instructors bring their own thorough training and well-rounded experience to the studio- insuring that Miss Mona's stays true to its hertiage yet contemporary enough to be relevant and applicable to performers today. Through the years their curriculum has expanded to incorporate classes such as hip hop, drama, and clogging, but the foundation of Miss Mona's is in its Broadway style tap and musical theatre program, which is evident in the quality of its shows and recitals. Over the years we have maintained and surpassed our goals of "Training the triple-threat"- offering the finest education in dance, voice, and drama to enable students to pursue whatever track they are interested in. From television and music videos, to the Miss America stage, to the Joffrey Ballet, to local and regional theatrical productions each year- Miss Mona's students can be found doing what they love, thanks in part to their foundation at our studio. 

Each of our instructors brings to the studio both class experience and life experience in the arts, as well as an understanding of the principles of education and child development. These assets allow our teachers to tailor their instruction to what is age and developmentally appropriate for children, and allows them to personalize classes so that they are applicable in a child's life. We pride ourselves on small classes with a small student to teacher ratio, as well as good communication between the faculty and parents, and the overall feeling of being a "Studio Family". Join us today and learn how training in the arts can benefit the whole child, instilling discipline, poise, and social skills, as well as giving the opportunity for fitness, fun, and lifelong friendships. 

Our classes include (but are not limited to:)

Ballet-   Tap-   Jazz-   Pointe-   Lyric-   Hip Hop-   Clogging-   Voice-   Drama-  Musical Theatre

In addition, we offer a Tiny Tots class ( pre-ballet and creative movement) for our youngest dancers, aged 2 1/2 to  3 1/2

Preschool (Levels 1 & 2) for Preschool children, or those who have completed Tiny Tots

Tap Combos- Levels 1 - 3  (a One- Hour per week Tap and ballet combination class for children in elementary school)

Private work- for audition or competition preparation

Pageant Preparation- for all levels and pageant circuits, including the Miss America Organization, Outstanding Teen and Outstanding PreTeen programs

Voice Lessons- taught on a private or semi-private weekly basis

Summer classes and Drama Camps

We welcome both boys and girls of all skill levels!

We cater to each child and their individual gifts and talents. From the tiniest ballerina to the most advanced competitive dancer, you'll find us to be a true STUDIO FAMILY in every sense. We want each child who walks through our doors to exceed their own goals and expectations, while learning about responsibility, social skills, poise, determination, discipline, and work ethic. We want to encourage the love of movement and music, and instill self-confidence and respect for authority, for one's self, and for others.

For a complete handbook of our studio and financial policies, please read our student handbook, which you will receive at registration. 

Click below for photos of our 2014 Christmas recital, with some of our young performers in action!

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