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Welcome to Miss Mona's!

Spring is just around the corner and we have lots of exciting classes and opportunities available for performers ages 3 and up! Contact us for more information!

We are currently taking registration for our 20th Anniversary Summer Drama Camp! See our drama camp page for more information. Space is limited, so sign up today!

We have just been made aware that emails going to have not been reaching us. Until this problem is solved, please send any emails to

Miss Mona's School of Dance & Performing Arts is excited to to announce that many of its students and faculty appeared in local theatre productions this summer! Appearing in Shrek the Musical at Mill Mountain Theatre, August 1-12,  were Caroline Moledor, James Moledor, Mikayla Parker, Skylar Gay, Mia Gearhart, and Parker Addison. Appearing in Gypsy at Showtimers Theatre August 10-26 were Nathan Rhodes, Penelope Young, Thomas Rhodes, Sandi Rhodes, Lexie Rhodes, and Traci Addison.  

See our "Classes" page for our 2018-2019 Schedule 

We are more than just your neighborhood performing arts center. We consider our studio to be our "studio family" and our staff is commited to providing excellence in arts training in a family-friendly atmosphere. We are a tradition and a family legacy in the Roanoke Valley.


At Miss Mona's, we believe:

That every child deserves the chance to dance. Limitations and differences disappear on the dance floor, where children can set individual goals and work to achieve them; where they can be their best selves, and leave their troubles behind; where lifelong friendships are made, and leaders are born. We offer individual attention and instruction to every student. At Miss Mona’s, we want to see every child reach their potential. Not just on stage, but in life.

What's new at Miss Mona's? 

Our well-rounded training offers opportunities for our students to study voice, dance, and drama in classes and camps. Students can be found in a wide variety of area performances, showing just how much they love what they do!


Miss Mona's is SO PROUD to have students representing us in productions throughout the community! Our students can be found on local and regional stages, both in the spotlight and behind it. They are active in their passions and are fine representatives of MMSD. 

Miss Mona's is dedicated to finding our students' potential and supporting them in their endeavors. Whether it's gaining the confidence to speak in front of a class, or stepping out on stage for the first time in their very first performance, no achievement is too great or too small, and we applaud them all! 

See what Miss Mona's has to offer your family!